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Vector Monitor Yoke Adjustments

Question from Shane: Hi, I was watching one of your videos showing how to adjust the convergence rings on a color monitor. I have an Asteroids Deluxe with a Wells Gardner monitor and the image needs to be recentered. Do you have any videos or advice on adjusting the yoke on a monitor of this type? Both the monitor chassis and game board have been fully serviced so I am positive that the yoke itself is what is needing adjustment. Thanks, Shane

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff July 13, 2018

Response from Jonathan: Shane,

It’s best not to touch the yoke with most monitors in general unless you absolutely need to for some reason. We would say that this goes double for vector monitors. With that said, we HIGHLY recommend the Black & White Vector Monitor FAQ and Guide if you haven’t checked it out already. It has a great section on page 24 on centering black and white vector monitors. Hope that helps.


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