QA Podcast – Episode 8

QA Podcast - Episode 8

This episode of the podcast was recorded live using BlogTalkRadio on Saturday, March 13 at 2 PM EST. For more information on our live podcasts, please visit our BlogTalkRadio site at When we are live you can talk to us on the air at (347) 633-9045. On this episode, Tim and I answered your questions regarding…

  • A 39-In-1 game with some issues
  • A Golden Tee without a monitor chassis
  • And some general monitor issues

We also went over some listener progress updates as well as some books that we recommend related to arcade repair. Jerry also called in to give us a live report from the Mesquite, TX arcade auction. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. As always, you can contact us when we are off the air by email at or by calling our voicemail line at (972) 8AR-TIPS or (972) 827-8477. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to [velvet] once again for allowing us to use their music in our content. Please check out their website at for more information.

We would also like to thank artist Atila88 on for his 8-bit rendition of Power Of Love. You can check out more of Atilla88′s work on his page.


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