QA Podcast – Episode 32

QA Podcast - Episode 32

This episode of the podcast was recorded on Saturday, February 23, 2013. For more information on our podcast, please visit our iTunes page at All of our past episodes can be found there as well as a review section where you can leave us a comment on how we’re doing. On this episode, Tim and I answered your questions regarding…

  • A Vampire Savior with a reversed monitor image
  • A Golden Tee Fore with waves on the monitor
  • A Bally Midway Sarge with video problems
  • A Mortal Kombat where the player 1 controls won’t work
  • A Superman with a horrible picture quality
  • A Police Trainer with no red on the screen
  • A Point Blank 2 that’s playing blind
  • A Mortal Kombat 2 with a monitor that doesn’t turn on
  • A Centipede with a blank white screen
  • A Phoenix with waves of colors on the screen
  • A Nintendo Red Tent that’s blowing fuses
  • A Tron with a blurry screen
  • A Nascar sit down game with little dots on the screen
  • A Neo Geo MVS with a short in the color red
  • An Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 that won’t let you perform fatalities
  • A Tempest missing the bottom half of the screen
  • A Mortal Kombat 2 board that will not work
  • A Pac Man with marquee light issues
  • A Pengo with no picture or sound
  • A Point Blank 2 that won’t power up
  • A Marvel Vs Capcom that doesn’t have any sound
  • A Battletoads in need of an arcade monitor
  • A Neo Geo MVS that needs some board repair
  • And several general monitor and board issues.

We also give our opinions on storing arcade game for the winter and discuss the various arcade and pinball events that are coming soon. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. As always, you can contact us when we are off the air by email at or by calling our voicemail line at (972) 8AR-TIPS or (972) 827-8477. Enjoy!

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Special thanks goes to David Vaughan for composing all of the great chiptunes music that we use in our content and Nathan Knight for providing our excellent voiceovers. Please check out their websites for information on the services they provide.


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