QA Podcast – Episode 64

QA Podcast - Episode 64

This is the May 2017 episode of the QA Podcast with Erich and Chris. For more information on the podcast, please visit our iTunes page at or our Stitcher page at All of our past episodes can be found at these locations along with review sections where you can leave comments for the guys. On this episode, Erich and Chris answered your arcade repair questions regarding…

  • A Space Invaders that’s a garbled, inconsistent mess
  • A Space Invaders Deluxe that no longer works after a power outage
  • Using the rank light system board in a Gorf cabinet with a MAME computer setup
  • A Pole Position with a monitor that’s totally green
  • A Ms. Pac Man cocktail with incorrect colors when the cabinet is closed
  • A Zaxxon with 3 white horizontal lines at the bottom and several dark areas on the screen
  • A Top Gunner that gives a bad ram message
  • A Dig Dug that blows a 20 amp fuse and does not turn on
  • A Donkey Kong Jr. cocktail with a 1″ edge of the screen that’s skewed after 10 minutes
  • A Crude Buster with a pink background on the screen
  • A Mortal Kombat 2 with a horizontal size problem
  • A Hurricane pinball machine that needs a new A-14709 ramp
  • An arcade cabinet with a incorrectly aligned screen when using a different JAMMA board
  • A Wei-Ya / Makvision 21″ arcade monitor with a vertical wavy line
  • A Sega Turbo with a regulator board issue
  • A Tron with video artifacts on the screen
  • An arcade monitor that’s missing a lot of pins on the neck of the tube
  • A Golden Tee 2003 that needs a new black bezel
  • A Galaga (converted to a 60-in-1) with a joystick that no longer auto-centers
  • and a discussion on the Atari AR sense mod

Along with answering these questions, Erich and Chris also answer some of the emails they have received since their last episode. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. As always, you can contact them by email at or by calling the voicemail line at (972) 8AR-TIPS or (972) 827-8477. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to David Payne and John Williams for composing the great arcade-style music that we use in our podcast and Jeff Martin for providing the excellent voiceovers. Please check out their websites for information on the services they provide.


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