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Replacing A Plug On A Power Cord

When you get your arcade game home for the first time, you might notice that your power plug is in rough shape. Frayed wires, loose connections and missing ground prongs are just some of

Installing A Fan In An Arcade Cabinet

With most current arcade games being powered by computers, arcade cabinets can get quite hot these days. Making sure that you have adequate cooling in your cabinet can help prevent your game from overheating.

Replacing Lights In An Arcade Cabinet

While marquee and coin lights do not effect the gameplay of an arcade game, they do provide a more authentic arcade atmosphere and experience. In this post, we will discuss the steps that you

Installing A Molex Connector

Molex connectors can provide a handy way to easily remove or replace items (such as a monitor chassis or control panel) without rewiring. In this post, we’ll discuss how to install a Molex connector

Checking And Replacing A Power Supply

Power supplies are a great starting point if you are trying to troubleshoot problems with your arcade machine. Bad voltage can cause a variety of problems that can sometimes be mistaken for a bad

Checking Fuses With A Multimeter

Checking fuses with a multimeter can be a simple, yet effective way to fix an arcade game that’s having power issues.