QA Podcast – Episode 61

QA Podcast - Episode 61

This is the October 2016 episode of the QA Podcast with Erich and Chris. For more information on the podcast, please visit our iTunes page at or our Stitcher page at All of our past episodes can be found at these locations along with review sections where you can leave comments for the guys. On this episode, Erich and Chris answered your arcade repair questions regarding…

  • A Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition that’s stuck on turbo mode
  • Some general tips when dealing with RAM issues
  • Using a standard arcade light gun with a computer
  • An arcade monitor with a blue neck
  • Using a tube rejuvenator on a CRT televison
  • A WWF Superstars / Wrestlefest with no picture or sound
  • A Golden Tee 99 with a monitor that intermittently turns on
  • A Street Fighter 2 Turbo with a display problem
  • A Mortal Kombat 2 with a monitor that goes dark after a few minutes
  • A Nintendo Playchoice with a blue screen and no games
  • A Vapor TRX that randomly resets itself
  • A Special Criminal Investigation that has no sound
  • A MAME 69-in-1 machine with start buttons that don’t work
  • A Super Mario Bros with faint lines going through the screen
  • An Ultimate Arcade 2 where only 50% of the games work
  • A WWF Wrestlefest / Superstars with some picture color issues
  • A Mortal Kombat 2 that works when it sits for a while
  • A Hantarex Polo 25″ monitor that’s missing the red color
  • A Street Fighter 2 that will not come on at all
  • An arcade monitor with the picture too far to the right
  • A 2100-in-1 that’s having issues with the sound
  • and a Guitar Freaks V3 to V7 upgrade that caused some problems

Along with answering these questions, Erich and Chris also answer some of the emails they have received since their last episode. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. As always, you can contact them by email at or by calling the voicemail line at (972) 8AR-TIPS or (972) 827-8477. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to David Payne and John Williams for composing the great arcade-style music that we use in our podcast and Jeff Martin for providing the excellent voiceovers. Please check out their websites for information on the services they provide.


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